Music Box

Presented by Dimaka Chimezie

Scheduled on

Monday 3:08 pm 3:55 pm
Monday 7:00 pm 7:25 pm
Monday 8:10 pm 8:15 pm
Monday 9:30 pm 9:55 pm
Tuesday 3:10 pm 3:55 pm
Wednesday 3:10 pm 3:55 pm
Thursday 3:08 pm 3:55 pm
Thursday 9:30 pm 9:55 pm
Friday 3:08 pm 3:55 pm
Sunday 6:15 am 6:30 am

Musical Program

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The program is designed to get people to perform a task by picking a number from a box, join the discussion of the day and song will be played for listner pleasure.

60 minutes program that involves people of different age

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